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7 best laminates for your kitchen cabinets

Improve the look, style and even functionality of your kitchen surfaces by choosing any one of these different kitchen laminates

If you're confused about which surface to choose, our guidebook will sort you out. Photo credit: Creatv Eight/ Unsplash

Laminates have emerged as the most preferred material for kitchen cabinets and can be classified as high pressure laminates for a plywood base and low pressure laminates for surface particle board or MDF. The best part about a laminate finish is that they are highly durable, moisture resistant, easy to maintain and are available in a vast number of colours and designs. Since the kitchen cabinets are subjected to a lot of dirt, grime and heat, consider these surfaces to keep all issues at bay.

Anti Fingerprint Laminate

Anti fingerprint laminates are resistant to fingerprints, dirt, heat and scratches. These have a low reflection surface which does not show grease marks or smudges. These are also easy to clean because all the impurities that are present on its surface can be removed easily.

Due to their non-reflective surface, these laminates do not show scratches or grease. Photo credit: Charles Deluvio/ Unsplash

Antibacterial Laminates

Ensure good hygiene level within your kitchen by checking the growth of microbes with antibacterial laminates. These are manufactured with special microbial additives which make it resistant to mould, termites and different types of pathogens. Therefore the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of these laminates prevent the growth and multiplication of various microorganisms.

Matte Finish Laminates

These reflect moderate light and are resistant to scratches. Another advantage is that since dirt and stains are not visible on matte finish laminates, they are easy to maintain and are highly suitable for kitchens that are prone to heavy use.

Gloss Finish Laminates

Add a lot of brightness to your kitchen with gloss finish laminates because they have the ability to reflect a lot of light. These are great for smaller kitchens because they make the kitchen look larger than it actually is. However glossy laminates require frequent cleaning because they show scratches, smudges and fingerprints.

These laminates are ideal for small kitchens as they create an illusion of more space. Photo credit: Jean Philippe Delberghe/ Unsplash

Acrylic Finish Laminate

Give a high-end modern look to your kitchen with acrylic finish laminates. These are highly durable and posess a reflective high gloss finish which is available in various colour options. Acrylic finish laminates are moisture resistant and are highly resistant to fading caused due to UV rays. The disadvantage of using acrylic finish laminates are that they are very expensive, prone to scratches and need frequent cleaning because they show fingerprints.

Textured Laminate

These replicate the look and feel of natural materials like wood, stone, raw silk, suede etc., and can be introduced to add depth to the overall look of the kitchen. One disadvantage of using these laminates is that deep textured laminates may trap dirt and grime and may make it difficult to clean and maintain.

These laminates add a tactile quality to the kitchen. Photo credit: Random Sky/ Unsplash

Fire Retardant Laminates

For additional safety and fire resistance consider fire retardant laminates for the kitchen cabinets. Since these are treated with special chemicals, in case of a fire these laminates minimise smoke emissions, and do not release toxic smoke and there is a delay in the rise in temperature of the laminate.

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