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Crafting Your Space with Antara Studios: Budget-Friendly 2 BHK Interior Designing Delight

Welcome to Antara Studios, where interior design meets elegance and functionality. We've crafted a beautiful yet affordable 2 BHK space, blending modern style with practical design. Come along as we share our latest project, revealing how we've transformed living spaces with artful touches.

The Living Room - Cozy Elegance

In the heart of the home, our team crafted a living room with a cozy ambience. Brown rafters set the tone, accentuating the space's warmth. A sleek TV stand against wallpaper with a subtle pattern adds a touch of sophistication. Glossy white finishes on base drawers introduce modern elegance, creating a harmonious blend of styles.

Budget-Friendly 2 BHK Interior Designing living room

The Kitchen - Sleek and Functional

Our kitchen design priorities functionality without compromising on aesthetics. A base unit with tandem boxes offers ample storage for cutlery, thali holders, and bottle pull-outs with J profiles. The wall unit, in a stylish grey laminate finish, maximizes space with 2ft by 2ft boxes. The modern glassy white loft unit with pull-to-open mechanisms adds a contemporary touch, while the balcony utility loft unit ensures efficient use of space with push-to-open shutters and a glassy white sink unit.

Budget-Friendly 2 BHK Interior Designing Kitchen

Master Bedroom: Elegance and Space Efficiency

Step into the master bedroom, where sliding door wardrobes in a marble and Gray blend create an elegant atmosphere. Spacious drawers, removable shelves, and a dressing unit with a wide mirror add both style and functionality. The loft unit, featuring a push-to-open mechanism, maximizes space efficiency, completing the perfect sanctuary.

Budget-Friendly 2 BHK Interior Designing Master Bed room

Kids' Bedroom: Versatility and Ample Lighting

For the kids' bedroom, we prioritized ample lighting and functionality. Sliding door wardrobes with marble and Gray accents create a vibrant and organized space. Versatile storage options, including spacious drawers and removable shelves, ensure a room that grows with your children.

Budget-Friendly 2 BHK Interior Designing kids bedroom

Balcony Utility Loft Unit: Smart and Practical

Experience the Dry Well Life Ceiling Cloth Dryer, a space-saving solution for your balcony. Measuring 8 feet with 6 rods, this high-quality pulley mechanism cloth stand is ideal for drying large items like sarees and bed sheets. The stainless steel rods with nylon ropes and iron brackets ensure durability, making it a practical addition to any home.

Budget-Friendly 2 BHK Interior Designing Balcony

At Antara Studios, our team believes in crafting spaces filled with love and care, ensuring that every corner of your home reflects your needs and desires. With a perfect blend of utility and budget-friendliness, our recent 2 BHK project showcases our commitment to transforming houses into dream homes. Elevate your living space with Antara Studios and experience the magic of thoughtful interior design. Contact us now

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