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Why is culture the engine of development?

According to Nod's philosophy, who invests and bets in the wealth of this country is providing a public service.

We think that investing in culture generates new resources. During difficult times, in times of economic crisis, which in our opinion is becoming an identity crisis and a loss of a sense of belonging, culture is the key element with which we can rebuild ourselves.

When we think of culture as an engine for development, we believe that investing in the arts, tourism,  and in opportunities that this country has to offer is the key for supporting this country’s development. 


NOD's Intentions

is to promote excellence in Dance in Italy: we strive to incorporate a wide range of Artist bringing their up to date contemporary dance technique repertory from the international dance scene with 360 dance training .

In order to achieve this Nod proposes a ICD Program with the best choreographers and dancers from leading companies from around the world: creating a path for technical and professional training that enriches the dancer towards a higher artistic dimension as they launch themselves in European platforms and beyond.

Since 2007 NOD has been organizing training workshops with teachers and choreographers, who are among the best in the world.
They are teachers of principal techniques of modern and contemporary dance as well as their repertories.
Beginning in June 2012 NOD started collaborating with GAGA People from Tel Aviv to introduce and to spread GAGA language, which was created by the resident choreographer of the Batsheva Dance Company, Ohad Naharin, among the most important contemporary choreographers in the world.
NOD is also a spokesman for Israeli and International choreographic trends and proposes for four weeks a month world-renowned choreographers and dancers such as Idan SHARABI, Shlomi BITTON, Hofesh SECHTER, Sharon FRIDMAN, Barak MARSHALL, The KIBBUTZ Company, Sharon EYAL, Jermaine SPIVEY, Doug LETHEREN, Andrea COSTANZO MARTINI, Spenser THEBERGE', Dor MAMALIA and many others.


NOD hosts on a monthly basis teachers authorized in the GAGA technique and organizes weekly laboratories with world famous choreographers such as Idan SHARABI, Shlomi BITTON, Hofesh SECHTER, Sharon FRIDMAN, Emanuel GAT etc, as well as master classes with national artists.

In 2007 Silvana Ranaudo began leading the "Officina della Danza a.s.d."  association that was transformed into the "Nuova Officina della Danza a.s.d.", an no profit association that, in addition to daily classes in ballet, modern and contemporary dance, undertakes the organization of monthly choreographic workshops with teachers of the major dance techniques and also international choreographers.

Since 2009 NOD has been a partner of the Peridance & Capezio Center in New York. Every year NOD is a venue for their scholarship selection.
and since 2012 NOD organized monthly workshops to spread the GAGA technique, which was  completely unknown in Italy.


NOD's goal is to provide tools to young dancers to approach the major and current repertoires, continuously update themselves and to increase one's awareness in order to be prepared for a future path in the contemporary dance world. This specific education will enable them to enter auditions in a much more prepared way with a new and higher skill level. NOD became  reference point for up-to-date contemporary dance and techniques.


Since 2015 ICD Program (international contemporary dance) comes to life.

the only program where every week for 11 months a year, dancers switch styles, repertory and guest artists and choreographers that come from the greatest companies in the world.

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